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Alpha Kappa Hookah Black


Alpha Kappa hookah is from Mother Russia! Stainless steel clean design the Alpha Kappa hookah Stands 21 inched and comes with a 59″ hose

Aluminium Ash Plate Black


Productdetails of the Aluminium Ash Plate Anodized:

Diameter: ca. 20cm
Hole diameter: ca. 20mm
Material: Anodized Aluminium, colored
Edge height: ca. 15mm

Bengala Tongs BlackOut Of Stock

Bengala Tongs Black


Forget conventional tweezers and switch to Wolverine tweezers. Designed in striking colors, these clips are perfect for transporting the coal to the bowl.

Approximately 26cm in length, these clamps have a modern design, with the tip in the shape of a claw, which allows a greater and better grip of the coal.

Manufactured by Bengal Spain and available in various colors.

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Bodo M2 Black


Durable hookah suited for industry professionals:

– All threaded connections are now made from steel for maximum durability
– Hose tip is now metal for maximum convinience, all tips fit
– Durable materials: stainless steel inside, durable paint and polyacetal outside
– Easy and effective blowing – smoke comes out of the top of the shaft through special holes
– Diffuser with adjustable punch allows you to change the position and size of the holes “one click”
– Each diffuser now has a hole on the bottom to present tobacco clogging
– Convenient “reusable” box which is ideal for transportation
– Magnetic tube attachment to the mine
– Can be detached and attached with one click

The kit does not include a flask and a bowl.

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ELOX 480FL Sebulba Cut Black


1 Smoke stem-SET ELOX Red for 480 with a cut tobacco bowl adapter (formerly named KONIK)
– Closed Chamber
2 Hose stations with connection adapters 18.8 “CUT”
1 Glass bowl “Black Neon 480FL”
1 color-matching Silicone hose set with Carbon mouthpiece with aluminium
1 Terracotta tobacco bowl
1 ELOX downtube slithole diffusor

Height ca. 53cm

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ELOX 680 WSP1 Black 2S


– 1 Aluminum Plug-In Base with Closed Chamber and
– 1 Hose connection “CUT” (~ 18.8)
– 1 Aluminum hose adapter (~ 18.8)
– 1 Aluminum shaft (length approx. 8.5cm), black, with
– 1 Removeable steel inner tube with threads (total length: approx. 31cm)
– 1 Steel downtube (length: approx. 26cm, with the thread to connect to the inner tube)
– 1 Ash plate made of aluminum, diameter about 24cm, with washer (about 8.5cm
– 1 Aluslim mouthpiece
– 1 Aluminum head adapter (to be connected by thread to the inner tube)
– 1 Terracotta tobacco bowl “Masta”, with head gasket

– 1 Black WSP1 plug-in bowl

HC Cascade Black

HC Cascade Black


The HC Cascade bowl is part of the new range of HC cups created exclusively in Spain by Hispacachimba (Made in Spain). Features:

Height: approximately 12 cm
Diameter of the plate: 8 cm approximately
Diameter central hole: 2 cm approximately

Octopuz Nautiluz Black OrangeOut Of Stock

Octopuz Nautiluz Black Orange


Technical specifications:
• Material: stainless steel V2A
• 4 hose connections 18/8 ground (DIN 12242 / ISO 383)
• 4 hose adapters 18/8 ground (DIN 12242 / ISO 383)
• Plate / smoke column 18/8 cut (DIN 12242 / ISO 383)
• Dimensions: (DxH) 24cm x 55cm
• Weight: 3.5 kg
• Made in Germany

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Wookah Nox Full Pro


Originally designed WOOKAH fully made of Nox wood. It is the darkest kind of wood in our collection. It has undergone a special treatment which apart from the pitch black color also added a rough and rugged structure with deep carves on the surface and, therefore, it stands out from other WOOKAHs from our catalogue.

Κaya Black Elox 630 Clear


Details of the second version of the Clear ELOX 630CE Lance Cut Black 2S by Kaya Shisha:

1 Smoke stem-SET ELOX Lance Black with Click-Lock and cut tobacco bowl adapter (formerly KONIK)
– the base has a Closed Chamber
1 Hose connection with 18.8 “CUT”, upgradeable to 2
1 Glass bowl “Clear 630CE”
1 Hose-SET with color-matching silicone hose and carbon mouthpiece
1 Downtube with slithole diffusor and enlargement piece
1 Terracotta tobacco bowl