Kaya Inox 580


Details about Clear INOX 580 BORO 2S  by Kaya Shisha:

1 Smoke stem-SET INOX 580 Silver with the practical Click-Lock and “Closed Chamber” And Cut bowl adapter (formerly named KONIK)
1 Hose connection “CUT” 18.8, upgradeable to 2
1 Clear glass bowl from Borosilicate
1 silver-color silicone hose set with dull silver-color aluminum mouthpiece (34cm)
1 Terracotta tobacco cup with Kaya Chimney Bowl
1 Downtube with removeable slithole diffuser and additional extension piece

The glass consists of Borosilicate.

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Hose connections have become “CUT”-connectors with 18.8 cut section, a screw-thread in the base became the Click-Lock, and now the head adapter is giving up its thread! The highlight is a cut tobacco bowl adapter (formerly known as KONIK) – the bowl adapter without thread! The tobacco cup and the ash plate can be removed and plugged back very easily. The cut adapter corresponds with a 18.8 cut section. Two expansion rings prevent the material from breaking, when the heat causes their expansion.

But mainly, you can now easily plugg a glass molasses catcher, e.g. the Tripod glass shaft, in between – WITHOUT being forced to use a glass plate, because of the cut section. A functional and optical sensation!

The base has a so-called Closed Chamber, which reduces its volume. This makes it easier to blow out the stale smoke after longer smoke breaks, and makes it easier to suck in the fresh smoke.

A color-matching hose set consists of an easy-care silicone hose and a cooling aluminum mouthpiece.
The tobacco bowl of terracotta lets the shisha tobacco unfold its full flavour, and with the chimney bowl set, the filling and firing of the tobacco bowl becomes a pure pleasure.

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