Octopuz Nemo


Technical specifications:

• Material: stainless steel V2A

• 2 hose connections 18/8 mass (DIN 12242 / ISO 383)

• 2 hose adapters 18/8 ground (DIN 12242 / ISO 383)

• Plate / smoke column 18/8 cut (DIN 12242 / ISO 383)

• Dimensions: (TxH) 18 cm x 45 cm

• Weight: 2.5 kg

• Made in Germany

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Octopuz Nemo is a small and compact stainless steel hookah. The hookah is made entirely of V2A stainless steel and is made in Germany. Our brand Octopuz stands for very good quality at a very good price. The Nemo is one of the little shishas. But that does not mean that she lacks quality. The quality of the threads and the cuts is impeccable and are in no way inferior to the big shishas.   In the hookah, the head adapter, the hose adapters and the hose connections were set to very high quality 18/8 cuts, which completely replaces the annoying hose seals that often do not hold. In addition, it has the additional advantage that you can put on the column of smoke still a 18/8 cut Molasse catcher, which makes the hookah visually an even bigger eye-catcher.   At the base are 2 hose adapters each with an 18/8 cut. These include 2 hose connections with matching 18/8 cut. In addition, the dip tube has a diffuser, which can be connected by a thread with the dip tube. The closure of the Octopuz Nemo is a 360 ° thread, which, as the name implies, completely closes the bowl and the base with a 360 ° turn. The hookah is completely dismantled which is extremely important for a safe, space-saving transport and, of course, for thorough cleaning. The Bowl of Shisha has a very high stability thanks to the rubber feet on which it stands. Our bowl is available in 2 different shapes and in different colors, so there is something for every taste.

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Πλήρες Μέγεθος


Vase Colour

Algae Green, Clear, Reef Red, Seafoam Blue


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