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The ideal charcoal cut for your hookah: CUBES27+ from BLACKCOCO’s.

Both beginners and enthusiasts are concerned with the size of hookah charcoal. Therefore, the market is already broadly filled with different charcoal cuts from 20x20mm up to 28x28mm. We offer you our CUBES27+ as an absolute novelty to satisfy the needs of numerous shisha enthusiasts. With full 27.5mm, our charcoal pieces have an optimal size to serve for long shisha evenings. In our assortment you will find besides the CUBES27+ still various charcoal cuts to be able to express your preferences without compromise.

Through our strictly controlled hookah charcoal, we ensure that you do not absorb any chemicals when smoking hookah. With the renunciation of all additives, we produce a tasteless and evenly burning hookah coal. For years it has been proven that the different cuts of our BLACKCOCO’s coals are the best tasting choice for quality hookah smoking. Convince yourself with the CUBES27+.

Slow burning at full size

One of the reasons for our CUBES27+ is the balance between size and burn time. The efficient choice of 27.5mm allows a burn time of up to 120 minutes. This means you can do without constantly changing your charcoal and smoke your heads comfortably at full heat. With the square contact surface, the CUBES27+ also give off even heat to your head. Here, especially moist tobaccos become pleasant to smoke.

The advantage of 27.5mm edge length is the versatility. You can use the coals on aluminum foil, a fireplace attachment as well as in the One Coal or the Coal Box. In every respect, you can expect the greatest possible flexibility, if long burn times are an important issue for you. For you and your colleagues, there are no more compromises in the selection of your charcoal when smoking hookah: the CUBES27+ meet the exact sweet spot of your needs.

With our CUBES27+ we have chosen the middle of the available sizes to offer you even more variety with the usual BLACKCOCO’s quality. This provides more flexibility when buying charcoal and raises your hookah experience to a new level. Due to the lack of additives, the entire coal consists of one solid piece, which ensures an even burn. The value pack in our online store offers you a suitable quantity at an attractive price. Try the CUBES27+ for yourself today!

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