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The Pro Mattpear Shisha

Updated elements, enclosed in a familiar form, make the hookah stricter and at the same time more elegant. While maintaining a high level of quality, we used new technical solutions to make the hookah even more practical, reliable and impressive.

Vertical purge and universal flask connection

The vertical blowing jet adds aesthetics to both the appearance of the hookah and the smoking process. The blowing style is changed with an alternative jet.

Two options for installing the shaft on the flask: a threaded connection compatible with the original MattPear flask, as well as compatibility with any other flasks with a seal. Diameter of the flask mounting hole: 45 mm.

Quick release saucer
The Simple S hookah is equipped with a grinding saucer. The threadless connection allows you to quickly clean the saucer from ash without having to disassemble or carry away the hookah. Now you can remove the saucer and bowl in one motion to replace and clean it. Change the bowl in the work area and return the saucer and cup assembly to the hookah. Simple and fast!
Uniqueness is in the details
Enjoy not only smoking the hookah, but also assembling it!
Ideal threaded connections, pleasant texture of parts made of first-class stainless steel and polyacetal give pleasure every time assembling and disassembling the structure.
Every smallest component of the shaft is thought out by our engineers and manufactured using high-precision automated equipment. This guarantees not only the reliability and durability of the design, but also the perfect compatibility of all mating and threaded elements of the MattPear Simple S hookah.
Each hookah is unique
Since the very first hookah, MattPear has marked each unit with a unique serial number. The Simple S hookah begins its history with number 93292. The unique identifier of your shaft is printed on its base.
Stylish dismountable mouthpiece
MattPear Simple S comes with a comfortable mouthpiece consisting of four elements: two stainless steel tubes connected by thread, a polyacetal lining and a retaining ring. The shape of the handle provides a comfortable grip for palms of any size, and the thickening at the top serves as a rest for the thumb.
Unique base structure
The Simple S shaft base is the epitome of MattPear’s engineering approach to creating products. Each component of the base is thought out to the smallest detail by our specialists at the development stage. The use of innovative solutions has made it possible to achieve ideal functioning of even the smallest components, calculated down to the micron.

We still use the patented magnetic MattPear Port Connection. At one time, it revolutionized the hookah industry, and its analogues are used today by dozens of both Russian and global hookah manufacturers. The magnet in the hose port is additionally protected from corrosion.

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